What's your why?

I was recently asked what my why was. First, can we talk about what a tongue twister that was to type? It reminds me of “Who? What? When? Where? And why?” Ironically enough, my why, is a who. If you know me at all you know I’m crazy about my daughter, Madilyn. She’s a year old now, I still can’t believe it. Mostly I can’t believe everything that’s happened in just a year. 


-packed up our life, moved across the country 

-started a new life/home

-traveled so much my head is still spinning, 16 different states an one US territory in a year

-made new friends

-got a new car

-became a mom


That’s the big one, best for last. The growth that has come from being Madi’s Mom is unreal. I don’t even know who I was before I had her at this point. Sure every once in awhile I’ll have flashbacks to before, but I wouldn’t change where I’m at now for the world. Why is she my why? She gives me hope. She gives me strength I never knew I had. She brings me tears of joy and of frustration (good god, does she ever). She’s my biggest inspiration and my pushing motivation. Honestly, until you’re a mom you just can’t explain with words why your child is your why. They just are. 


Why do I take photos of her, all the time? Well I don’t. Usually it’s about once a week or so honestly. Like any good parent, I want to document who she is, who we are and how she’s been brought up. She has tangible prints in case technology fails us (it’s going to y’all). Mostly I want her to look back at the moments in the photographs and realize how much we love and adore her.


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