I'm a full time wife, baby wrangler and memory maker. My family is my biggest support and motivation. My little munchkin keeps me busy and moving. I met my husband while I was attending the Savannah College of Art and Design. While there I discovered my love and passion for documentary photography. I love bold contrasty black and white and rich vibrate colors. I travel all the time and all over for work. So don't let my location turn you away! One of the perks, or so I thought, about being a photographer was that I didn't have to write about myself, now here I am, doing that exact thing I sought to avoid. I started off shooting film with my Grandpa's Canon AE-1, I found a passion in the tiny grainy images in contact sheets. I photographed a lot of cows and signs, mirror selfies, like everyone else. In 2008 I left Oklahoma for a new adventure. In 2008 I left Oklahoma for a new adventure. 

 Florida stole my heart and I settled there till I left for Savannah GA to start art school. I was lucky enough to study abroad in Provence France for a spell, taking in different cultures and seeing new parts of the world.I grew profoundly from that small town girl from northeast Oklahoma and so did my technique. I developed my style from my love of black and white images with heavy rich contrast. That contrast and vibrancy spread into my colored work. I knew I wanted my images to speak, to convey a story to the viewer, I want my viewers to develop their own emotional connections to my art. While in Savannah, I fell in love with a military man. We've lived in the Pacific North West and currently live in southwestern Oklahoma. Rediscovering my roots has been the inspiration for my current work along with enjoying the new found joys of motherhood.