My life is better for knowing you

I want to be the kind of person someone says “my life is better for knowing you” too. Whether it be for happiness, laughter or encouragement that’s been a goal of mine for awhile now. To do that, you have to surround yourself with like minded or at least good people who make YOU a better person. I met Evelyn last year after creeping her Facebook and asking her to model for me. She said no, that she doesn’t do that kind of shoot because she had a daughter to set an example for. Then I was like whoa girl, I don’t do nudes. So we laughed and agreed to meet up for lunch. I think we met at qudoba, not 100% sure (I suffer from mombrainisus). We planned a styled family shoot for her while family. It turned out super rad. After that we became very close friends. 

We were both stay at home moms, her kiddos just a little older, we’d meet for coffee, luncheons, pedicures, etc. then we moved up to introducing our husbands 🤣 guess that took the friendship to a new level. We were that crazy motley crew of tattooed hooligans- y’all I can’t even say that with a straight face. We were probably the most chill people you’d meet. Anyways I admire this woman so much. She’s an inspiration and a role model for anyone that meets her. Knowing her, I became a better person. She’s helped me with Madi more times than I can count, and my child absolutely adores her, which again, if you know Madi, isn’t an easy feat to accomplish. 

We were talking one day and she was telling me about her wedding, or lack there of, her and her husband eloped. They had no wedding photos. Y’all I was in shock. How could someone so dear to me NOT HAVE WEDDING PHOTOS?! Then Katie Denton approached me about a traveling dress she had. She wanted me to photograph this to die for- one of a kind- Cora and Violet gown. Right then when I saw it I knew the only person for that dress was Evelyn. And lord have mercy was I right. It fit her like a freaking glove. So on hosted a styled elopement for her and her husband. It was close to Halloween so we have to have some fun with a smoke bomb. The bouquet and styling were by yours truly. I had one of a kind turquoise jewelry pieces made by Erin Hilburn, and she nailed those! 

So, I gifted one of my best friends wedding portraits as a thank you, my life is better for knowing you.