Growth, guidance, and all that gravy.

For awhile now I've thought about blogging. A few years ago I swore my life needed to be a TV show. If Jersey Shore could make it, my life would be a hit. I thought that, along with every other 20'something year old in America. I never got my TV show. My life took turns and twists, then plateau'd out. By the way, try remembering how to spell plateau after being out of school for a while, maybe it's just a mom brain moment. 
Anyway, what sparked this new grand idea to finally blog was I ran into (actually she hired me) an old client from Washington. I was just a couple months into being established there when I met Cassie and her daughter. She hired me then for a Mother's day session. At the time I thought I was all about that light and airy life and thought I was amazing and knew all things. I recently saw one of the photos from that day.


Oh. My. Goodness. 

Her daughter is now 3, not 1. That right there is so much growth. I have grown as an artist since that day. I'm also now a mother myself. My daughter is almost one. I'm almost in the position Cassie was in when we first met. Two and a half years. That's all it took, all the time that's gone by, that feels like a lifetime. The growth from all sides is incredible to look back at. 

Anyway, these are my late night random ramblings and thoughts after I get Madi to bed. Where will we be in two and a half years? Only time will tell.