Madi Meets Mickey and Minnie Mouse


So if you know my child you know she loves Mickey and Minnie Mouse (like we hot dog dance and watch them religiously in the mornings, daily). Seth got to go fishing in Alaska with his dad so I thought, why don’t we (my sister in law and mother in law) load up the girls and take a little trip to Disneyland while we’re in California! So we did! Three adults, and three kids (two of which were barely one). At first I started thinking we might be crazy, but we had SUCH a great time!

Madi got to hang out with her cousins and meet her favorite characters, Mickey and Minnie! She met a few others too, buuuut she had the typical reaction you’d think a one year old would have meeting giants characters you thought only existed on tv.  She cried, and screamed… and pulled away from them. We did progress up to high fives though! Heck no to hugs.

We went in July. Yes, it was roasting hot but after checking out a few blogs we figured out ways to keep cool and where to get FREE waters! That was a life saver.


We made friends with a few cast members, FiFi the photographer and Officer Blue. FiFi helped me with the epic Madi and the balloon shots. Which I will forever be grateful for because those might be my all time favorite photos of Madi, EVER. Officer Blue called Goofy over so our girls had a surprise one on one character experience. That was pretty awesome and sweet! I have to say y’all, the cast members are top notch and deserve so much credit! All in all our Disneyland adventure was fast paced, crazy and chaotic yet flew by, but so worth it! I am so glad we have these photo to share with Madi as she grows up.

Check out the awesome autograph books from the photos here: