Mission Hill Creamery- Santa Cruz California

Y’all I love ice cream. I love it so much. So does my husband. Anytime we travel we try to find rad, original ice cream joints. Diet, shmiet we LOVE to  indulged when we can!  Every time were in California we always hit up Santa Cruz (being an Okie-Floridian I love the beach). This last trip we found this super awesome new spot called Mission Hill Creamery and 👉🏼HOLY COW👈🏼 It was SO GOOD. The textures, the flavors, everything was so amazing, even the employees were super sweet! I ended up getting a super free dark chocolate with toasted marshmallow on top 🤤 even now thinking of it my mouth is watering.  The atmosphere and the location was superb as well, lots of bright light and big windows, and right across from the downtown shopping. My niece, as you can see loved it, so kid approved! Poor Madi couldn’t hang, she had already shopped till she dropped! 


If youre in the area, I highly recommend stopping by!